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06. 10. 2021
Grand Seiko Spring Drive Refs. SBGA437, SBGA439, SBGA465, and SBGA467
Powered by Spring Drive, SBGA437, SBGA439, SBGA465, and SBGA467 are the four newest models to debut in Grand Seiko’s Heritage Collection.
Grand Seiko Spring Drive stainless steel timepieces

Shinshu in Nagano Prefecture, the region where all Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches are created, was once a major center of silk production. Pulling from that history, Grand Seiko’s latest include SBGA437, SBGA439, and SBGA467, three Spring Drive models featuring silken sunray dials, and SBGA465 with a special dial inspired by glistening frost.

Measuring 40mm in diameter by 12.3mm in thickness, the stainless steel case of all four references is representative of the contemporary interpretation of the Grand Seiko Style. The case features long, faceted lugs that emerge from the mid-case and curve down to the bracelet, offering comfortable ergonomics all around. At a length of just 46.6mm from the tip of one lug down to the other, the case is designed for a wide range of wrist sizes.

The geometry of the case is emphasized by its dramatic finishing, which combines hairline-brushed surfaces and Zaratsu-polished planes boasting a mirror-like, distortion-free reflection. The crown at three screws down, the case is rated to 10 bar, and a solid case back protects the movement within. Altogether, the case is designed for reliable day-to-day wear.

Dial macros of four Grand Seiko Spring Drive models.
Clockwise from top left: SBGA465 SBGA437, SBGA467 and SBGA439.


The silk sunray pattern radiates outwards and catches the light at every angle. It has a soft texture, not unlike the finest silk, which can only be created by the application of soft silver using a special method of silver plating.


A moonlit sky at night has a tantalizing and ever-changing hue, which is captured perfectly in this midnight blue sunray dial. The color oscillates between the warmth of the blue in some light, and pitch black in others.


This dynamic, black dial is the ideal backdrop against the diamond-cut hands and hour markers, which stand out in sharp relief against the inky sunray texture.


Winter arrives suddenly in Shinshu. Frost forms at night on the trees and, for a brief but beautiful moment, glistens in the morning sun before melting away. The fleeting beauty of this phenomenon is captured here.

Spring Drive 9R65

Spring Drive combines the high torque and never-ending power source of a mechanical watch with the high precision and stability of a quartz watch. Produced at the Shinshu Watch Studio in Nagano, caliber 9R65 delivers a precision of one second a day and has a second hand that advances in a smooth, gliding motion, a feature unique to Spring Drive.

Grand Seiko references SBGA437, SBGA439, SBGA465, and SBGA467 are Mastershop Models that will be available in February 2022.


Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
Spring Drive SBGA437
RM 19,500
Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
Spring Drive SBGA439
Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
Spring Drive SBGA465
RM 19,500
Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
Spring Drive SBGA467
RM 19,500