What is the GS9 Club?
Grand Seiko has launched the Malaysia & Brunei Chapter of GS9 Club! Originally exclusive to Japan, the GS9 Club is a membership organization for Grand Seiko owners who have purchased from Malaysia and Brunei based Boutique, Salon or Mastershop as of March 24th, 2017. Special events, gifts, and articles will be accessible to qualified members.
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9F Quartz

Grand Seiko is the World-leading Rolls-Royce of Quartz Movements.
By: Masayuki Hirota

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Explore the Evolution
Grand Seiko has been dedicated to producing the pinnacle in accuracy, legibiltiy and beauty since 1960. Our history archives are an ever growing exploration of the evolution of Grand Seiko.
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If you own a Grand Seiko, you're eligible to become part of the exclusive GS9 Club collector community. You'll need to have your watch details handy during registration, including a photo of the watch and proof of purchase from a Grand Seiko boutique or authorized dealer.
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Chronicle 9
The GS9 Digital Magazine

Hands on overviews, interviews with the designers, engineers and teams behind Grand Seiko, and exclusive content, just for members!

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Our History

Learn more about our past in our continuously growing archives of Grand Seiko history.

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A membership has its perks.
Occasionally, GS9 Club members receive exclusive and unique memorabilia, known as kinennhin 記念品 in Japanese. Please include your shipping address and shirt size to your profile to become eligible.
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